FX Resource Utilization

With your FieldCentrix Enterprise solution, you have already gained the competitive advantage of best-of-breed mobile field service automation. By adding FX Resource Utilization software to the mix, you can take your real-time service data to the next level and dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of your work force and service operations through load balancing and optimized resource planning.

Optimize Resources for Maximized Profitability

FX Resource Utilization is a strategic workforce modeling tool for accurately planning, tracking, and analyzing service resources in real-time. It provides an easy and automated way to size, manage, and report on resource capacity and utilization across the enterprise to determine how to best deploy resources, cost-effectively balance workloads and service engineers, and still make sure all service level commitments are met and contracts remain profitable.

With FX Resource Utilization, you can see across you entire service operation to dynamically plan and track utilization in real time. Powerful functionality allows you to:

  • Compare planned work against actual work for every resource in the organization
  • Compare and analyze workload vs. available resources
  • Identify if you are staffed correctly to meet contractual commitments and planned work
  • Perform analysis on contracts to examine the relationships between available to spend (ATS) hours, assigned hours, and actual hours
  • Drill-down to locate the work orders and work order groups that comprise assigned and actual hours
  • Define monthly available hours and plan hours by job type for each resource
  • Use resource templates to simultaneously create multiple resource plans
  • Easily edit plans and monitor workloads and staffing requirements
  • Track targeted service and PM hours

ROI Impact

FX Resource Utilization impacts ROI through dramatic productivity and profitability enhancements:


  • Improves productivity of office staff by proactively balancing contract work to the available engineers
  • Improves productivity of service management by automating the data analysis and planning processes
  • Provides continual process improvement in the forecasting of labor mix by reviewing history of plan to actual hours


  • Improves contract profitability by providing an analysis tool to track actual to budgeted PM labor hours and enable “up front” remediation
  • Expands monitoring and planning to include non-human resources
  • Better utilization of non-human resources improves the bottom line
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