Why Best-of-Breed Is a Better Choice than ERP

When it Comes to Service Lifecycle Managment (SLM) Solutions

At Astea, we believe that, when it comes to SLM, a Best-of-Breed solution is a much better choice than ERP. Our experience has shown that the ability to pick and choose the specific components to support an organization’s SLM activities offers a much more tailored solution that is able to address all facets of this service-centric process. That is not necessarily to say that an ERP solution will not, or cannot, support SLM – rather, that a robust, application-specific, Best-of-Breed solution can do it better.

The rationale behind this is quite simple: just because an application works effectively in one industry or functional segment, does not necessarily mean that it will work just as effectively – or effectively at all – in another segment.

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